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A long familiar tradition

We have been promising quality in dyeing and finishing fabrics for 40 years.

Quality, innovation, dynamism and customer care are the values that make us successful all over the market.


The constant pursuit of excellence in each aspect of the management is the driving force that guides us every day.

Our territory

Our company was established in the heart of the Pre-Alps of Varese; an astonishing area full of rivers that helped in developing the modern textile industry.

This place was the cradle of the Italian industrial revolution. For centuries, it has been handing over values and technical knowledge that were the mantra of many famous entrepreneurs of the textile industry.

We are proud to belong to this amazing region and to continue the tradition of Made-in-Italy in the world.

Our story

Post-war period

During extremely hard times, Mario Viola grew up between coloured water and fabrics dyed by the family in order to earn something and improve their living condition.

He turned his playing into a real passion for dyeing and after the War he was one of the first people to study at the Chemical & Dyeing class at the Industrial State Technical Institute in Busto Arsizio, symbol of the Italian textile education.


At the end of his studies, Mario and his sisters open a small handicraft practicing what he had learned at school.

Gradually, the company grows and establishes more and more its reputation in the local industrial reality.



The activity became more and more important, and Mario, together with his wife Lorenza, established the company in Castellanza, the same company that today is Tintoria Viola.

The spouses were already concerned about the environment and were one the few companies to have a water cleaning plant. They worked hard searching for new machineries that could improve the quality of their products. The company was specialized in underwear products, due to the spread of knitted fabrics in the region.


Following the economic boom, the company bought the first stenter and new high pressure dyeing machinery to dye the synthetic fibers that were boosting on the market in those years. The introduction of a new machine was always a big event for everyone, including the employee who waited excited for the huge lorries and cranes: everybody took part proudly to that success!



The manageme­nt of the business was assumed by the sons Paolo and Raffaella. They were young and followed the technological revolution turning the company into a more managerial reality.

The dyeing recipes were transferred to computers, the colour check was made with modern spectrophotometers and the chemicals dosage passed from manual to automatic. This increased the quality of the products and ensured the repeatability of colors over time. The company enthusiastically kept the pace with the market development.


Following the new market demand, looking for fine-grained processing, such as wool and silk, and for very light weight on synthetic fabrics, the company renews 60% of its fleet. A remarkable effort that made Tintoria Viola appreciated for its quality.

The company began to work for the great brands of Italian and foreign luxury, fabrics were shipped all over the world and quality controls were increasingly strict. GB standard and Oeko-tex became the daily business of the company.



The territory offered the possibility to get know-how and machinery for a new processing: mercerizing fabrics. The company seized this opportunity and took its production to a higher quality level. The dyeing and finishing of woven textiles began with satisfaction and they are now a regular work.


The respect for the environment, already demonstrated by investments in air and water cleaning, is further confirmed with energy saving interventions: a photovoltaic plant, the recovery of the heat of fumes and water are just few examples.

The achievement of GOTS biological certification is the expression of the values we believe in and we have always believed in.


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