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Quality, innovation and customer service distinguish the workings of this department.

Thanks to a very innovative and technological equipment we can tailor the requests of our customers and meet their needs extensively. In particular we can offer:

  • wide range of batch sizes - from 2 meters to 950 kg

  • wide range of textiles weights per square meter - from 40 gr to 600 gr

  • various types of products, from knitwear to woven fabrics

  • possibility to work in the same color bath with several items (jersey knit, rib knit, accessories, etc.)

The high technology of machines with microprocessors on board and the use of automatic dosing of chemicals and dyestuff make it possible to obtain the highest quality with minimal human intervention. Management systems directly connected to computerized facilities and spectrophotometers guarantee that the colors have a good repeatability, obtaining a delta color within bathes even under 0.50.

Our historical color sampling archive now boasts over 20,000 recipes. We dye mercerized and no mercerized textile and all kind of classical fiber (cotton, wool, linen, viscose, modal and micromodal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, silk and their mixed) and the most innovative ones (milk proteases, aramidic fibers, urticaria fibers, polypropylene, etc.).

We also offer special treatments such as: chlorination of wool, enzymatic treatments, anti-pilling, colored aged effects and stone washed, delavè, fluorescent colors.

We take care of our environment also in this department and support the minimum environmental impact by using highly biodegradable biological dyes and recovering the energy of our waters.


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